FLCCA 24th Season Begins  –  Shades of Bublé

On Sunday, August 26th 2018, three young men brought the house down with their tribute to Michael Bublé.  While harmonizing beautifully and adding choreography to the act, they had the ability to make you feel like they were singing just to you; which on two occasions was true.  On top of all this, they certainly were not hard to look at.

I had the opportunity to speak with them after the show, and it was revealed they did not know each other prior to forming the group.  All three were pursuing their own singing careers until one day, Ron’s business partner suggested this idea to him.  Auditions were held in NYC where Drew and Michael were selected, changing life for all of them.  I asked why they chose Michael Bublé since there are many other singers to present a tribute act for.  Well it was not only because he is a wonderful singer, but for the variety of musical styles he uses.  To date they have never met Mr. Bublé.

I spoke with some audience members as they were leaving and the following are some of their remarks:

Pat Tackett of El Dorado Hills who attended with her daughter said “what’s not to like, they were wonderful”.

Nancy and Duncan Scaife of El Dorado Hills said “great show”.

Sandy Collier said “I loved it, wished I had an aisle seat so I could dance, I couldn’t take my eyes off of Michael”.

What a wonderful way to begin our 24th season with a standing ovation and smiles on every one’s face as they left.