Folsom Community Concert Outreach


Music more than entertainment

If we were to rate the importance of music only on its entertainment value we would neglect its far greater value. We now know that music was the earliest means of communication and that as we age it outlasts all our other memories. The Folsom Lake Community Concert Association was founded to foster music in our community. We are bringing professional musical performers not only to the stage but more importantly to schools and to shut-in seniors in skilled nursing, dementia and assisted living homes.

Our Musical Outreach Program has been an extraordinary success

We have witnessed it time and time again

Music performed by skilled musicians/performers brings the excitement of music to students and joy, memories and often peace to our seniors.

Visit our Outreach Blog on our web site: www.FLCCA.ORG to witness the magic of music in senior facilities

The reaction of students when they hear and see music performed

We provide Financial Help along the way

The Outreach Program encourages high school students in our Sacramento Region to expand and develop their music talents by providing $2000 college Musical Arts Scholarships and to introduce them to other organizations that will provide additional scholarships.

Your donations will determine how many seniors and students we can reach with music.

Donations of any amount will help

  • A $25 donation will pay for ¼ of an outreach
  • A $50 donation will pay for ½ an outreach
  • A $100+ donation will pay for entire outreach

Ways to donate

  • Drop off checks or cash at our lobby table on show days
  • Go to our web site ( and use PayPal Or Send checks to:

FLCCA, PO Box 1457, Folsom, CA 95763-1457